52 words | 2 perspectives | 2 continents | opposite sides of the world | every week.

My friend, Sam Mothersole, from New Zealand and I interpreting one word each week, on our own, through our lens.... and posting them together.... two different seasons .... two different sides completely.... and no idea what the other is posting.     

Week 4! Wow that went so fast just like the week does and then at the end of the week realize I haven't taken my picture for the week!  This week was one of those weeks where I was super busy with clients- a teen portrait session, a newborn lifestyle session, Abbotsford Prom session and then second shooting an amazing wedding at Hart House at Deer Lake Park- and in all of that I did end up taking some amazing wind pictures but alas this project was supposed to be about creating for me and ensuring I actually capture myself and my kids in photographs.  So the more I thought about wind the more I kept going back to our time in Maui this Spring.   It was SOOOOO WINDY there- how did I not know that about Maui?! So this weeks picture is from my massive vault of my own family's pictures from our time in Maui.  

Week Four: WIND

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