52 words | 2 perspectives | 2 continents | opposite sides of the world | every week.

My friend, Sam Mothersole, from New Zealand and I interpreting one word each week, on our own, through our lens.... and posting them together.... two different seasons .... two different sides completely.... and no idea what the other is posting.     

One whole month of this amazing project with Sam and it went by so fast.  I can honestly say I have never made it this far into a personal photography project.  Time. I never seem to have enough of it and my personal time is always the first thing to go.   This project has pushed me to really be intentional on the feelings that I am trying to portray and when time does escape me I have my vault of unedited, unlooked at family pictures to sort through.  But enough about me this blog post is about my amazing partner Sam Mothersole.  She is so amazing and even though we've never met I feel a connection to her.  When we talk its like we are old friends and our pictures though different always seem to have a similar feel to them.   

My favourite picture of hers this month is her Week 3 picture with our inspiration word being BARE.  Sam did what I was too afraid to do.  I played it safe that week and she went all out.  The moment I saw her picture I GASPED out loud.  It made me feel so many emotions- the innocence of her daughters bare shoulders overlayed with the bareness of the winter trees tugged at my heart strings.  I too have a daughter this age and with each passing day and the passing of each season she is growing by leaps and bounds... what I see in her one day is gone the next and this picture captured all of that for me.    Love it.  

Sam and I are not alone in this project we have a great group of photographers linked up with partners all across the world and this month we are hosting our first Blog Circle so please check out Smith & Archer Photography to view their perspective on 2 X 52.