52 words | 2 perspectives | 2 continents | opposite sides of the world | every week.

My friend, Sam Mothersole, from New Zealand and I interpreting one word each week, on our own, through our lens.... and posting them together.... two different seasons .... two different sides completely.... and no idea what the other is posting.     

Week FIVE!   It is busy season.  The busiest I have ever had.  Between newborns and weddings every weekend and prom season for all of our local Chilliwack and Abbotsford graduates in full swing the past few weeks have been a blur and this project has been as well.  I haven't had the time to focus on it like I would love to and find myself scrambling at the end of the weekend each week for a picture.  This week was no different... as you can see by the date I am posting this blog... a week late with Week Six's picture due tomorrow!   Anyways I love being busy and meeting and working with so many new lovely clients I just need more hours in my day.  This week's picture features my crazy daughter but depicts what my last month has been like.   I wanted to try a new technique that when I read about it didn't seem to be that hard... I was soooo wrong.  Panning you are hard... so very hard!   Something to keep practicing that is for sure.  

Week Five: BLUR