52 words | 2 perspectives | 2 continents | opposite sides of the world | every week.

My friend, Sam Mothersole, from New Zealand and I interpreting one word each week, on our own, through our lens.... and posting them together.... two different seasons .... two different sides completely.... and no idea what the other is posting.     

Week SIX!  Yup a week lake... good thing Sam and I are on the same page despite me being in Chilliwack, BC and her all the way in Auckland, New Zealand!  We are both behind and I am so thankful that she gets that life is busy.   With day jobs, raising kids, and our own photography businesses our projects and personal creativity gets put on the back burner.  So thankful I lucked out in getting her as my partner and that I have such a huge backlog of pictures that I am finally getting to sort through when I don't have time to shoot for our project.  We really are connected in so many ways and it shows in things as simple as a single portrait with only a word to guide us.   I love that our photographs are both so full of colour but totally show that we are in two complete different seasons! 

Week Six: Colour