As a little girl my mom would let me cut up our collection of National Geographic magazines and I would spend hours gazing at and organizing those photographs  that I had cut out for hours.   My love affair with photography has translated into a love for photographing everything from births to newborns, children and families, weddings, events like rocks shows, birthday parties, and most recently creating…. FAMILY FILMS!   My photography is a mixture of photojournalism and fine art; finding the beauty and connections in the chaos around us.   I love to capture the defining moments of who we are in the world around us, the moment that will make us ‘feel’ for years to come.  

Real life photos with real life editing.   

I love storytelling and creating, loud music in small spaces, coffee, fresh water, dark forests and the mountains that surrounds us.   I love being a mom to my kids, rainy days, beach days and most of all snow days.   I love the brisk cold air of winter and the way the leaves crunch under my feet in the Fall.    I love the smell of sunscreen and the sound of childrens laughter at the beach.   I find myself grasping onto to these sounds as part of my memories and have now found a way through film to share the sounds of your life,  the sounds that make you feel.  

I am so excited to meet you and your family... if you have any questions please feel free to contact me.