Langley Family Photographer | Day in the Life Family Film | This is Us~ The Voorhorst's

Chilliwack Family Photographer travels to Langley for a This Is Us- Family Film Documentary Session. This past Spring I attended a workshop and I remember leaving thinking, well that was a waste of time, as I truly didn't feel I got anything out of it. Boy was I ever wrong... what I got out of it was not the topic of the workshop but so much more... I seriously won the jackpot in meeting Christina there. She has become a confidant, a sounding board and one heck of a friend. Thank you for being you Christina, and with her I also get to hang out with this pack of crazy cuteness and Tyson too! Christina and Tyson are planning a big move this summer and are leaving me to move back to Alberta so Christina wanted to make sure they had a tangible memory of their home here in Langley, BC before they left. Something she could hold on to for years to come.

So we did just that. We spent a warm Fall evening at their home playing and then when Tyson got home from work they loaded the kids up and off we went to White Rock, BC for Fish and Chips on the beach, something they love to do with the kids to burn off energy before bedtime. After dinner, the little’s ran around chasing seagulls as I tried to capture them in photographers and on film and then it was back home again for wash up and bedtime routines. Make sure you watch their film to the end as their family prayer tradition is one of the sweetest things I’ve ever heard.

Looking for information on how to get your own memories and traditions in a family film? Read more here.

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Langley Family Photographer | Day in the Life Family Film + Photos | The Funk Family

Day in the Life Family Documentary Session

Langley Family Photographer

I photographed Kelsey and Chris' afternoon with their three rambunctious boys in their home in Langley, BC.  I met up with them for after school pick up of their two oldest boys and I followed them home on their typical route to document through photos and film what this time in their life looks like.   We hung out at home and the boys played and showed off their amazing lego creations to me.   Kelsey spent some time sewing and I was so excited to be able to include her love for sewing as part of their session.  Kelsey is an extremely creative and talented sewer and you can see her amzing creations throughout their family film.   

This family absolutely stole my heart, especially the youngest lil' munchkin cause whose favourite thing isn't eating candy and watching TV as he explains in their family film.   Later on in the afternoon after the boys had played and done their homework we took a stroll back to the school to burn off that evening energy that boys always seem to have an abundance of as it nears bedtime.    As the boys energy winded down we settled back home for some games and pizza, a perfect ending to their Day in the Life Family Film session.

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If you would like to preserve this time in your family's life with a Day in the Life- This is Us Photo + Video Photography session , please contact me for more information. I would love to document your family's story. Let’s chat.

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Chilliwack Family Photographer| Cultus Lake Camping with Friends| Sunnyside Campground

Our first camping trip of the season was met with unexpectedly warm weather and some more typical rain showers. This was our first time ever camping in a trailer and I may just be hooked.  

I cannot wait for summer to come this year.  With our abnormally cold winter it cannot come soon enough.  Feel free to invite me to join you on your camping trips this summer so I can capture your family making memories.   


Chilliwack Family Photographer | A Birthday Trip| Disneyland, CA

Disneyland… what can I say.  It has always been Adison’s dream and I finally made it happen for her as a surprise for her 9th birthday.  That being said I can’t remember a time in my life where I have ever felt so overwhelmed and unprepared for all that our Disney trip presented itself with.  We started off with a 5 hour flight delay as there was a bomb scare at the Bellingham airport; which had us arriving in Disneyland at midnight, instead of at dinner time.  Adison took it all in stride and her only concern was that we would indeed make it to Disneyland.  

Here is our day one film and a few pictures from our day one in Disneyland.

First day at Disneyland

Our first day at Disneyland had me beyond frustrated with the crowds and the 100 minute ride and character lines.  I had never dreamed it would be that busy and was totally unprepared for the chaos that Disneyland is.  Adison on the other hand was able to ensure I kept it all in perspective.  She loved the rides, fully and completely, the joy just exuded out of her. Who knew she would be a roller coaster kid?! All in all it was a great day and we left feeling optimistic that we would be better prepared for day two. 

disneyland family photograph
meeting winnie the pooh for the first time at disneyland
walking back to the hotel

Chilliwack Family Photographer| A Trip to the Bookman | A Family Film

I want to stay as close to the edge as I can without going over. Out on the edge you see all kinds of things you can’t see from the center.
— Kurt Vonnegut

My daughter's favourite activity to do on the weekends is a trip to our local used bookstore, The Bookman.   As a young girl and teenager I loved to read and spent many, many hours in this very same bookstore, they had the best selection of Margaret Atwood and Tom Robbins books!   I began reading to my daughter as an infant and passed on my love of reading to her.  She loves to read out loud to me and to our cat!   She is just slightly obsessed with the Warriors series by Erin Hunter right now but only has two books left and she has read them all! As a family filmmaker is just seemed fitting for us to make a family film of her love of reading, cats and our favourite Chilliwack bookstore. 

The Bookman is an amazing bookstore and is the second largest used bookstore in the Province of British Columbia!  We are so blessed to have this locally owned and operated gem of a bookstore within walking distance from our home.