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Chilliwack Family Photographer | A Birthday Trip| Disneyland, CA

Disneyland… what can I say.  It has always been Adison’s dream and I finally made it happen for her as a surprise for her 9th birthday.  That being said I can’t remember a time in my life where I have ever felt so overwhelmed and unprepared for all that our Disney trip presented itself with.  We started off with a 5 hour flight delay as there was a bomb scare at the Bellingham airport; which had us arriving in Disneyland at midnight, instead of at dinner time.  Adison took it all in stride and her only concern was that we would indeed make it to Disneyland.  

Here is our day one film and a few pictures from our day one in Disneyland.

First day at Disneyland

Our first day at Disneyland had me beyond frustrated with the crowds and the 100 minute ride and character lines.  I had never dreamed it would be that busy and was totally unprepared for the chaos that Disneyland is.  Adison on the other hand was able to ensure I kept it all in perspective.  She loved the rides, fully and completely, the joy just exuded out of her. Who knew she would be a roller coaster kid?! All in all it was a great day and we left feeling optimistic that we would be better prepared for day two. 

disneyland family photograph
meeting winnie the pooh for the first time at disneyland
walking back to the hotel

Chilliwack Prom Photographer | Chris & Alexa

Chris' mom and I grew up together in Chilliwack, BC, in fact we attended kindergarten together!  We were silly little kids and rowdy teenagers together.  We've grown apart and close together numerous times over the last 35 years but no matter what she is the one friend that I know I can always count on.   I have watched her and her husband raise Chris to be the upstanding young man that he is; an outstanding athlete, a hard worker, and a good role model.  He is just an all around awesome young man to be around.  To say I was totally honoured when she asked me to do his formal portraits with his girlfriend Alexa on his prom day is an understatement!.   Chris and Alexa were total and complete rock stars during their session and didn't complain once despite the heat, the sun and the mosquitoes!  I had so much fun with you both and am so proud of all your accomplishments Chris.  So excited to see where you go from here.  

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