Mission Wedding Photographer | Emilia & Andy | Bakerview Mennonite Brethren Church & Eighteen Pastures Golf Course

When I first met Emilia and Andy for their engagement session earlier this year they came across as this quite and sweet couple. Never in a million years did I expect to laugh as loud and as hard as I did while photographing their wedding this past Friday afternoon. I met up with them shortly before they said their wedding vows at the gorgeous Bakerview Mennonite Brethren Church. After the ceremony we headed off to Eighteen Pastures in Mission, BC where we spent the afternoon exploring the grounds by Golf Cart. Had I not been holding on for dear life during our Golf Cart adventures I likely would have taken some video footage, but alas keeping myself and my camera safely in the almost sideways Golf Cart was the priority, trust me though, it was hilarious! Here is a sneak peak of their wedding day.

Emilia was absolutely stunning and Andy couldn’t stop staring at her all day. Their day was filled with so much love AND laughter and I couldn’t have imagined a better day for them to celebrate their love and devotion for each other. Congratulations Emilia and Andy!

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Abbotsford Wedding Photographer | Rebekah & Levi | Aldergrove Regional Park & Aldergrove Canadian Reformed Church

Oh my word friends… wedding season is off with a BANG. Here is a sneak peak into Rebekah and Levi’s gorgeous wedding day last Friday. We started off with the gorgeous couple getting ready in Abbotsford, BC and then off to Aldergrove Regional Park for a first look and Bridal Portraits. Rebekah was stunning and I could truly feel the deep love and connection they have for each other throughout the day. They said their wedding vows at Aldergrove Reformed Church where we stayed for a fun filled night filled with moving speeches and hilarious games planned out by family and friends. Wishing you both a lifetime of happiness.

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Chilliwack Newborn Photographer| In Home Documentary Session| The Togeretz Family

Chilliwack Newborn Documentary Photographer

At an In-Home Newborn Session

Can we just talk about how much I adore In Home Newborn sessions? Having a baby is exhausting and honestly the thought of leaving my house to do newborn photos was the last thing on my mind when I had my babies. I so wish I had known that I could have had a photographer come to my home and capture this new phase in our lives and be totally stress free. That’s the amazing thing about newborn sessions in your home- it is, how it is. The newborn phase is a blur- no matter how you look at it- it truly passes so quickly; as do the memories. Let’s take those raw moments of this time in your life and preserve them into something tangible, that can be held onto for a lifetime. A documentary newborn photo session is always extra special for me as I love capturing siblings and their reactions to the newest family member in the house. I adore all children and always go out of my way to ensure that even the older siblings feel a part of your in home newborn session as its just as much their story as it is babies. And while baby sleeps I always make sure to capture the love and connection between the couple, as your love deserves to be captured and preserved as well.

I spent a beautiful Saturday morning photographing this adorable family of four in their Chilliwack home, a few days after sweet Iris’ birth, and it was nothing short of wonderful. Tanya forewarned me that Big Sister Everly could sometimes be shy and apprehensive with new people but within a few minutes we were fast friends and giggled through much of our time together.  She even tried to take over the with Daddy’s go pro!

I am so honoured that Tanya and Josh put their trust in me to capture these fleeting moments with their young girls as they transition from a family of 3 to a family of 4.

Make sure to watch the slideshow as it shows many images not shown in this post.

Click on the PLAY head to watch the slideshow.

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Want to book an In Home Documentary Newborn Session?   Let's chat!  Contact me here.

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Abbotsford Family Photographer | Family Mini Session | The Voorhorst's

Abbotsford Family Photographer

Family Mini Session

Back in September I spent a warm Fall evening with The Voorhorst’s documenting their life in their family home before they move back to Alberta this summer. As Winter approached Christina mentioned needing updated family pictures for their Christmas Cards and I of course jumped at the chance of hanging out with her adorable family once again.

We decided to do a mini session in Abbotsford after a family trip to Castle Fun Park, it all sounded perfect but what poor Christina didn’t think of was that her sweet little Peanut would jump into the creek and get soaked during a game of mini golf! Christina did a quick run to the store to grab Peanut some new pants and we managed to grab a handful of family images in the bitter cold. The kids didn’t last long and wanted to run and play because what they knew of Miss Claudia was that she DIDN’T want them to pose for her as per her rules from our last session lol- way for me to confuse these little munchkins! I knew I had what I needed so with some pleading to Tyson I managed to capture this sweet couples love for each other as we wrapped up their mini Family photo session.

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Chilliwack Family Photographer | Day in the Life Documentary Session | This is Us | The Denham's

Day in the Life Family Documentary Session

Chilliwack Family Photographer

I spent the morning with The Denham's capturing them as they are. I know so many people with kids in that late child early tween stage that continually tell me that family pictures are so boring or not needed at this stage as So much fun! I adore just hanging out with families and capturing them as they are. From pjs and breakfast to video games and a trip to the Skate park- we did it all. Are our day to day lives always pretty? Nope, but they are our lives and they are beautiful and messy and chaotic and that's okay. There is beauty in us, just as we are.

With all of the changes that occur during those middle years of being a kid to being a teen, this really is the prime time to capture your kids. These Day in the Life sessions capture those unique facial expressions and interests that highlight that fine line between being a kid and growing into a teenager.

Day In the Life Documentary sessions document who your kids are TODAY… in all its glory because my word it’s changing SO fast!  They also boost your children’s confidence- your kids will feel like a Rockstar having me follow them around doing the things THEY life to do! Kids are often think they are too cool for their picture to be taken but I promise your kids will think its a novelty and super cool and will be yelling at me to photograph them doing all sorts of things. Trust me! It is all about Self-Expression… they get to wear what they want, bring what they want and go where they want during our entire session. They want to meet up with friends, or have some friends drop in during our time- awesome! The more the merrier, lets document the days where friendships really begin and BFF is every other word in their vocabulary.

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Pitt Meadows Engagement Photographer| Pitt Lake Engagement | Gagan & Nick



It’s been five years since I first met Gagan when was my practicum student at my day job. I loved her personality immediately and I was beyond thrilled when she graduated and was hired on full time. Over the past five years I have watched not only her confidence grow but her love for Nick. Her whole face lights up when she talks about him and they are absolutely perfect together. Long before Nick even proposed to her, Gagan would always comment on my wedding photography and excitedly tell me that when the time comes she would want me to take her engagement pictures. So I was beyond thrilled when Nick finally proposed to her in NEW YORK on top of the Rock in June- he even asked a stranger to make sure to get a picture! The cutest thing ever!

As soon as Gagan came back to work she started talking with me about doing their engagement pictures- she had only one request- MOUNTAIN views! Not a problem I told her as we brainstormed different locations knowing that Pitt Lake was the perfect location to capture her vision. We planned it all out, just to come to the date and have to cancel because of all the smoke from the wild fires this summer- you could not see a few feet in front of you, let alone our gorgeous mountains! We decided to reschedule again for September.

September came and so did the Fall rains- torrential rains. Gagan and I messaged over and over all morning hoping that the rains would let up but the rains didn’t let up- in fact it rained harder and harder so in the end we decided to reschedule again. Finally we decided to plan for a weekday instead of waiting for the weather to cooperate for us on the weekend and boy did it pay off! We had so much fun exploring the gorgeousness that is Pitt Lake and the surrounding area for their engagement pictures.

Congratulations Gagan and Nick~ I am so excited for your upcoming wedding this Spring where I get to attend as a friend and celebrate your love for each other.

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Chilliwack Family Photographer| Day In the Life Family Documentary Session | This is Us | The Unruh's

Chilliwack Family Photographer- This Is Us- Family Documentary Photographer- I photographed this amazing family in their home in early November in Chilliwack, BC. I love shooting in home documentary photography family sessions as it allows me to capture families as they are. I get to follow you around with my camera and capture the laughter, the tears, the in between moments, the goof ball moments and the utter chaos that surrounds our lives as we go about our everyday lives.s So what do we do in these type of documentary family sessions? Anything you want!

Can I just say how much I love repeat clients?! Especially the ones that love capturing their lives through a documentary perspective. Gah it gives me all the feels. I have photographed this amazing family a handful of times now, first their oldest daughter’s wedding, then back to school portraits for their youngest two daughters, and now the most amazing in home documentary session as they prepare for a new phase in their lives. This family was planning a move from their family home this Fall to purchase a home in a neighbourhood closer to their children’s school. As a result they knew they needed to have their lives documented in their home prior to moving. Stacy spoke of her love of watching the girls playing outside from her kitchen window and how Mike was usually out there with them and her desire to have all of this captured. We all have that one place in our homes that is special and dear to us. For Stacy it was her families outdoor space looking out onto the protected green belt- they even have their very own COYOTE den in the back field- EEK! Alas, those Coyotes didn’t come out to play while i was there- I guess they are camera shy!

I absolutely adore this family and their love for each other, the girls are funny, witty, smart and love with their whole hearts, and had me in stitches most of the time with their goofiness. These girls are FUN! They have great imaginations, are super sporty and love performing- they routinely put on dance shows and plays for their parents in the living room as part of their nightly routine. Both Stacy and I recall doing this exact same thing when we were kids for our parents. I guess there is something about needing an audience to show off your talents!

Wanting to get your own memories and traditions captured in a family session?  Let's chat! 

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Langley Family Photographer | Day in the Life Family Film | This is Us~ The Voorhorst's

Chilliwack Family Photographer travels to Langley for a This Is Us- Family Film Documentary Session. This past Spring I attended a workshop and I remember leaving thinking, well that was a waste of time, as I truly didn't feel I got anything out of it. Boy was I ever wrong... what I got out of it was not the topic of the workshop but so much more... I seriously won the jackpot in meeting Christina there. She has become a confidant, a sounding board and one heck of a friend. Thank you for being you Christina, and with her I also get to hang out with this pack of crazy cuteness and Tyson too! Christina and Tyson are planning a big move this summer and are leaving me to move back to Alberta so Christina wanted to make sure they had a tangible memory of their home here in Langley, BC before they left. Something she could hold on to for years to come.

So we did just that. We spent a warm Fall evening at their home playing and then when Tyson got home from work they loaded the kids up and off we went to White Rock, BC for Fish and Chips on the beach, something they love to do with the kids to burn off energy before bedtime. After dinner, the little’s ran around chasing seagulls as I tried to capture them in photographers and on film and then it was back home again for wash up and bedtime routines. Make sure you watch their film to the end as their family prayer tradition is one of the sweetest things I’ve ever heard.

Looking for information on how to get your own memories and traditions in a family film? Read more here.

Make sure to push the PLAY HEAD above to watch their Family Film.

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Chilliwack Birth Photographer | Home Water Birth | Meet Baby E

It’s been almost four years since Misty contacted me asking me to photograph her upcoming birth. I remember being shocked that she would trust or want someone who was just starting out in their birth photography journey to capture something so big, so monumental. I had only captured two births in Chilliwack, BC, prior to her enquiry, both for friends, but despite me trying to talk her out of hiring me she insisted. I remember Misty telling me how she had saved through out her pregnancy to afford a birth photographer for this birth as she regretted not doing this for her two previous births with her sons, and nothing was going to stop her from having the birth of her daughter captured in photographs.

Misty was due the first week of January 2015 so throughout the Christmas break I checked my phone non stop, kept my ringer on high with the most annoying ringtone I could find to ensure no matter what- I would be there for the birth of their daughter. And so it was shortly before 10pm I received the text message that her water had broken earlier and the midwives were on their way and that I should come now.

When I arrived it was evident that there was no shortness of love going around. Her husband and her best friend and labor coach were by her side every step of the way. Misty labored long and hard throughout the night and by sunrise on December 29, 2014 sweet baby E was welcomed earth side. Shortly afterwards her two older brothers were brought home by the neighbours and they showered her with love and kisses and fed their tired mama her favourite snack, pineapple chunks.

Looking back at these images 4 years later I am still in awe in what I was able to capture with my Canon Rebel T4i, a 50 mm and a 28mm lens. It truly shows, that its not really about the gear, rather how you use it and knowing and understanding light. When I originally stumbled upon these images earlier this week I was embarrassed of them but the more I stared at them and truly felt them- the prouder I became. I have grown leaps and bounds as a photographer in the last four years and of course my camera bag is now overflowing with expensive equipment and all the top low light lenses on the market which of course makes capturing home births in the middle of the night just a little bit easier it is truly not about the gear, its about knowing your clients and what is in their hearts so you are able to capture that in photographs for them.

Birth is a blur. No matter how you look at it, it truly passes so quickly; as do the memories of your birth. Let’s take those raw moments of your birth and preserve them into something tangible, that can be held onto for a lifetime. I have no photography of either of my births. My son’s birth was on film and when we dropped off the film to be developed it came back super imposed with a senior citizens function of some sorts- yes friends the handful of images we took at the hospital have old people on them- much like today’s double exposures- just exactly what you don’t want. My daughter’s birth ended up being an emergency c-section and time spent in the NICU while I struggled to come out of the anesthetic. She was born Thanksgiving weekend and I was so traumatized from her birth that all I could think of was just wanting to go home. In the essence of giving back to mama’s to make sure everyone has the opportunity to have photos of their birth stories I am prepared to offer the first three births booked from this post a deep discount. I have availability to take on one birth each for the month of November, December, January and February. Message me to discuss.

Chilliwack Birth Photographer

Chilliwack Family Photographer | Back to School Portrait Mini Session | This is Kiera

I have known Kiera her entire life, in fact her mom and I met in Kindergarten and have been friends our entire lives! I have watched Kiera grow over the years and her perceptiveness and insight into the world always makes me smile as she is the perfect combo of both her parents with a good dose of her self as well. Kiera has dreams of becoming a surgeon and she has a drive that I don’t see very often in our younger generations. She knows what she wants and she has a plan to get there. She is the only kid I have ever met that has had their entire education future planned out and broken down into sizable chunks by the age of 14. I have no doubt with her hilarious personality, spunk and academic drive- this girl is going places.

School pictures have come and gone and retakes are happening now at most schools… if you aren’t happy with them lets get together and capture your children’s true personality in their school portraits. Back to School Mini Sessions- are simple-

Message me to book your child’s session!

Chilliwack Family Photographer | Back to School Portraits | This is Paris

When Paris’ mom approached me to take her Back to School portraits I was beyond thrilled. I met Paris and her mom years back at a destination wedding and we have stayed in touch over the years. As a result I have watched Paris grow from a sweet shy child to a young teenager trying to find her place in the world. This past year Paris ran in Miss Teen BC and I was so proud watching her and her voice and self confidence grow. On the evening of our mini portrait session Paris was sweet, kind and engaging and spoke of her passion to become an actress one day. I have no doubt in my mind that this girl will move mountains to obtain her goals.

The first week of school is done and gone and with that it’s time for those epic Back to School Pictures! I really don’t understand them- at all, they are always, for us at least, the worst pictures ever and don’t get me started on the odd backgrounds that they always seem to choose for my kids previews- has anyone ever actually ordered the galaxy one with the shooting stars?! So with that I have started to offer Back to School Mini Sessions- simple.

Message me to book your child’s session!

Chilliwack Maternity Photographer | A Pacific Northwest Maternity Session with Anthea + Brad

I met Anthea and Brad on a typical PNW early summer evening  to photograph them together before they became parents for the first time.    It was a week before their sweet baby was due and Anthea and Brad were so excited to become parents.  Brad having grown up in Chilliwack was able to speak at ease with me about all our favourite local spots for summer fun and swore each other to secrecy upon sharing locations.  Anthea and Brad were amazing and up for anything... including climbing boulders and tackling spider webs in the forest and wading in the ice cold river.  As we finished up our session I asked them if they were up for one more location so we could get some gorgeous couple maternity silhouettes.  As we rolled up to my spot, they shared with me that they use to live just a few blocks from this location and often walked this trail, it was pure magic and had so much meaning to them.  The evening was amazing and the weather played nice and didn't let loose the rain from those ominous storm clouds till we were driving off.  Thanks so much for being so much fun and congrats again on your beautiful baby boy.  

Source: http://www.claudiawyler.com/blog/2018/8/20/anthea-and-brad-a-pacific-northwest-maternity-session-in-chilliwack-bc

Langley Family Photographer | Day in the Life Family Film + Photos | The Funk Family

Day in the Life Family Documentary Session

Langley Family Photographer

I photographed Kelsey and Chris' afternoon with their three rambunctious boys in their home in Langley, BC.  I met up with them for after school pick up of their two oldest boys and I followed them home on their typical route to document through photos and film what this time in their life looks like.   We hung out at home and the boys played and showed off their amazing lego creations to me.   Kelsey spent some time sewing and I was so excited to be able to include her love for sewing as part of their session.  Kelsey is an extremely creative and talented sewer and you can see her amzing creations throughout their family film.   

This family absolutely stole my heart, especially the youngest lil' munchkin cause whose favourite thing isn't eating candy and watching TV as he explains in their family film.   Later on in the afternoon after the boys had played and done their homework we took a stroll back to the school to burn off that evening energy that boys always seem to have an abundance of as it nears bedtime.    As the boys energy winded down we settled back home for some games and pizza, a perfect ending to their Day in the Life Family Film session.

Want to book a Day in the Life Documentary Session?   Let's chat!  Contact me here.


If you would like to preserve this time in your family's life with a Day in the Life- This is Us Photo + Video Photography session , please contact me for more information. I would love to document your family's story. Let’s chat.

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Source: http://www.claudiawyler.com/blog/2018/1/22/funk-family-this-is-our-life-family-photo-film-session-chilliwack-and-fraser-valley-family-photographer

Chilliwack Prom Photographer| Oakley & Charlie

My baby boy and his girl. Graduated!  I can hardly believe it.  It seems like it was just yesterday that I was walking you into your first day of kindergarten and here you are now, all grown up and ready to take on the world.  My mama heart is so full of love and I am so proud of you both.  Watching your relationship and more importantly your friendship develop and grow has been an honour.   

On the eve of their graduation we drove out to my childhood stomping grounds and waited out the rain storm that came out of nowhere, as a result we were thanked with epic and moody skies!  It totally suited the emotions of this time in their lives....

I am so excited to see what the future holds for you both. 

Behind you, all your memories
Before you, all your dreams
Around you, all who love you
Within you, all you need.
— unknown

Abbotsford Prom Photographer | Sydney

PROM SEASON... one of my favourite times of the year.  There is just something about Prom that makes me all giddy inside and I wish I could photograph all the seniors graduating but that is just not feasible!  Sydney's mom booked me at the beginning of her grade twelve year to make sure that this moment was captured not only for Sydney, but for them as a family.  We spent some time together in Abbotsford, BC before she was off to prom.  Congratulations Sydney, I wish you nothing but the best for your future.  


abbotsford-british-columbia- prom photographer- graduation-photographs- family formals- family prom pictures- claudia-wyler-photography
abbotsford-british-columbia- prom photographer- graduation-photographs- father and daughter- prom pictures grass field- claudia-wyler-photography
abbotsford-british-columbia- prom photographer- graduation-photographs-claudia-wyler-photography
abbotsford-british-columbia- prom photographer- graduation-photographs-claudia-wyler-photography
abbotsford-british-columbia- prom photographer- graduation-photographs-claudia-wyler-photography
abbotsford-british-columbia- prom photographer- graduation-photographs-claudia-wyler-photography
abbotsford-british-columbia- prom photographer- graduation photographer- walking in prom gown down trail in grass field-claudia-wyler-photography
abbotsford-british-columbia- prom photographer- graduation photographer- senior photography- prom- girl walking down trail in formal gown- claudia-wyler-photography
abbotsford-british-columbia- prom photographer- graduation photographer- senior photography- prom- girl walking down trail in formal gown- claudia-wyler-photography
abbotsford-british-columbia- prom photographer- graduation photographer- senior photography- prom- girl in formal gown- claudia-wyler-photography
abbotsford-british-columbia- prom photographer- graduation-photographs-claudia-wyler-photography
abbotsford-british-columbia- prom photographer- graduation photographer- senior photography- prom- girl sitting in field of yellow flowers in formal gown- claudia-wyler-photography