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Vancouver Event Photographer| Punk in Drublic Craft Beer & Music Festival | PNE AMPHITHEATER| Vancouver, BC |

Much like my life that has always been split in a million different ways, so is my photography. Everyone always talks about branding and sticking to one genre- the mantra of you haven’t made it till you find your one genre and stick to it, but I just can’t be boxed in like that. My love for concert photography is just as great as my love for capturing the love and connection of a couple committing their lives to each other, as is, the raw and real moments of a family welcoming their first baby or capturing their day to day lives and the important moments that matter. I guess my work, all of it, encompasses one thing, my passion for authenticity.

I have always loved to photograph live music. I grew up with all my close friends playing in bands and it wasn’t a house party unless the living room furniture was pushed up against the wall to make room for the drums or like at my house right outside into the driveway, much to my older brother’s dismay upon returning from University a day early while my parents were out of town!

A couple of years ago I was introduced into the world of ‘real’ concert photography- shows that weren’t just my old high school friends playing at venues- as cool as the age old saying ‘I’m with the Band' is- there is a rush that comes with photographing for a publication that promotes your images from the show and to see a band share your images, with credit of course, to their fan base.

I have photographed a lot of concerts in the past two years but have never shared my work on my website as it doesn’t seem to fit with what I do regularly but alas that whole being boxed in again. So here I am sharing this other side to me- one that I do share all over my Instagram for those of you that follow me it is a common occurrence for me to post images of newborns, weddings, kids at the beach and a concert image all in one day! That’s me. That is who I am. Sharing moments that matter from my eyes. My full review of the show and all my images from the day can be found here:

Here are some of my favourites of the day.


This amazing female-led Punk band out of Los Angeles has a ton of catchy songs that many in the crowd were singing along to. My favourites and ones to definitely check out if you haven’t heard this band before are ‘Identity,’ ‘Secret Sounds’ and ‘Believe in the Poet.’ Despite having only discovered this band a few weeks back when looking to see who the opening acts were for Punk in Drublic, The Last Gang has solidified a place in my punk rock heart.


I did end up missing the beginning Chixdiggit’s performance due to beer chaos but managed to capture the last part of their set. I had never heard of this Calgary based band, and I was pleasantly surprised. They seem to have a large local following as the crowds doubled from what they were for the opening act.


Anti-Flag shows are always high energy and full speed from start to finish. The mosh pit is not always the safest place to be, especially loaded with camera gear, but a girl’s gotta do what she’s gotta do to get the shot- especially when Chris #2 closes out the show by singing from within the middle of the Mosh Pit!


The Real McKenzies are a Vancouver based Celtic punk band that belts out traditional Scottish songs with a punk-influenced sound. The crowd was intense, the circle pit even more intense, yet everyone always had a smile on their face.


As the sun began to set, the gorgeous mountain backdrop lit up behind the stage as Bad Religion prepared to get the beer-fueled crowd into a frenzy. Forty years and this band is still a powerhouse on stage with front-man Greg’s vocals not missing a single beat.


It’s been 16 years since I’ve seen NOFX live and nothing has changed. Ongoing pranks, witty alcohol-fueled banter and some confusion as the night progressed as to what song they were actually playing, none of it mattered, it’s a NOFX show and precisely what all their fans have come to love and expect from their shows.

This was a Craft Beer Festival but I do not believe the organizers expected the turn out they got. I stood in line for 40 minutes before giving up, and I ended up not using any of my tickets to sample some of the amazing Craft Beer’s our area has to offer.

As the sun continued to beat down on the crowds, I noticed a few things, one being the vibe. It’s not often Vancouver sees a festival dedicated to Punk and everyone there was so happy to be there with their ‘tribes.’ Large friend groups could be seen throughout the day enjoying music, beer, and friendships- new and old. Conversations were had in the long beer lines with total strangers, and the sense of comradery amongst everyone was seen all day long. It was hot. There were no water fountains, and the lines to get drinks were ridiculous the whole day, but no one seemed frustrated or really seemed to care. It was a day filled with strangers throwing out compliments, high fives, and hugs when needed. It was an all-hands-on-deck day with no one going down if a Punk Rocker could help it. The mantra of Punk never dies was loud and true.

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